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Chronograph 4.0

AltrixSoft has released Chronograph 4.0. This version is the most significant update of Chronograph for all the 4 years of its existence. Here is a brief list of the key changes:

  • Follow recent software industry trend we paid special attention to improve internal program architecture, reliability and performance. As the result, Chronograph 4.0 almost completely rewritten since previous versions.
  • We implemented support for SNTP protocol. At present SNTP is the most reliable and accurate time synchronization protocol, so Chronograph is even more accurate now.
  • Additionally to SOCKS proxy support we included HTTP proxy support (with authentication) for our corporative users.
  • Now you can make Chronograph synchronize your clock more frequently that once an hour. This feature is one of the most asked for by our users.
  • New modern look of the main window.
  • And much more...

Direct download link: Chronograph 4.0

If you decide to upgrade to Chronograph 4.0 please use this link to purchase for $11.95 instead of full $19.95 price.

If you have any questions please contact our Support Team at Every your comment, opinion or suggestion has great value for us. Feel free to contact us for any question concerning Chonograph.

Sincerely yours,
AltrixSoft Developers

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